9 Popular Wedding Superstitions Explained

Brides all over the world take wedding superstitions seriously. Whether the superstitions are indeed true or not cannot be scientifically proven, but they are popular. Each superstition has a reason behind it and is ingrained in our culture.

Something Old, New, Borrowed, and Blue
A wedding tradition is for the bride to wear something old, new, borrowed, and blue. Wearing something old is a representation of the bride’s past and serves as a connection with her family. Wearing something new represents the couple’s joyful future full of happiness, health, and success. Something borrowed is supposed to come from a person who is happily married. This is in hopes that the person’s good fortune will rub off on the bride. Something blue represents fidelity and love.

Wearing a Veil
This superstition originates from Rome, Italy. It was believed that a bride could disguise herself from evil spirits by wearing a veil. The veil allows the bride to cover her face and confuse the evil spirits.

Seeing Each Other Before the Wedding
During the times in which there were arranged marriages, this superstition was popular. It prevented couples with arranged marriages from seeing each other prior to the ceremony. This would prevent them from changing their minds about the wedding if the groom was not attracted to the bride.

Rain on the Wedding Day
A rainy day on a wedding day is believed to symbolize cleansing and fertility for the couple. Another, version depicts rain as being a sign of bad luck. The rain represents the tears the bride will cry during her marriage.

Using Married Name Before the Wedding
It was believed that a bride might not have her wedding take place if she began using her married name. It was tempting fate before actually being married. Brides were told to use their married names only until the wedding had taken place.

Crossing a Monk’s or a Nun’s Path
Seeing a monk or a nun on the way to the wedding was believed to be a bad sign. A bride would be cursed with a life that is dependent on charity. The bride would be cursed with infertility and poverty.

Ringing Bells
This superstition comes from Ireland and is also supposed to keep evil spirits away. The bells ensure the couple will live a harmonious family life.

Crying on the Wedding Day
It was believed to be good luck for a bride to cry on her wedding day. The tears shed on this day symbolized that all of the tears had been shed and there would not be anymore during the marriage.

Carrying the Bride Over the Threshold
It was believed that brides could be vulnerable to evil spirits and the groom could protect her by carrying her into their home. Evil spirits were believed to get through the soles of the bride’s feet and this would prevent the bride bringing the bad spirits into the home. Another belief was that by being carried into the home, brides could avoid looking to eager about consummating the marriage.