5 ways wireless communication effects our daily life

Wireless communication is communication via wireless gadgets like cellphones. In this 21st century, almost everyone owns a phone and communication has been made easier, efficient and fast. Here are a few ways in which communication has affected our lives;

1. Keeping contact
With the latest developments in wireless technology, almost everyone owns a cell phone and can use it. This means that you can keep touch with friends and family even if you are abroad. You can video call, text or even chat on social media or also a simple phone call.
Without wireless communication like cell phones, you would have to travel and leave your family, maybe go somewhere for a month or even a year and go on each day without knowing how they are faring. Cell phones have enabled us to check in even hourly and find out how our loved ones or our business are progressing on, and also we do no lose touch with old friends.

2. Entertainment
Thanks to today’s technology, we can now watch and listen to music from our mobile phones. Before the invention of wireless communication, you would have had to watch from your television, now you can watch online or even download and watch later.
This has had a very positive impact on the music industry because people can learn immediately on the latest music. The industry has continued to grow immensely .you can also watch movies on your phone or computer and send and receive funny videos, music via Bluetooth, MMS, and even Email.

3. Health improvement
Our mobile phones now have applications that can check your heart rate and blood pressure from your phone. You can do this every day or whenever your body is not right, and go to a doctor if the results are alarming. This is convenient for people with high blood pressure and heart defects because they will not be taken by surprise or collapse at their workplace. They can keep their body in check and maintain the doctor on speed dial.

4. Erased Data transfer
Before we had wireless communication, all documents had to be print out or sent via Fax that wasn’t very convenient. Nowadays, you can send any document via mail, and the recipient will receive it immediately and even send a reply.
You can also transfer any amount of data via email, drop box and even Bluetooth and other applications for sharing data. Wireless communication has made data exchange convenient and fast.

5. Improved learning methods
Learning has been made easier with wireless communication. For instance, if the school you want to study in is a little bit far from your home you do not have to travel there every day. You can learn online, the lecturer will and you notes and you can read and do the test online, or you can go to school only for tests. This works mostly for advanced or post-graduate education.
Research has also been simplified because you can find information on eBooks and learn from them. You do not have to go to the library to get books. You can also share notes with classmates via mail.